The Māori economy is estimated at $70 billion. This minor focuses on Māori business and development and covers a wide range of topics, from Māori Indigenous management and business to governance and management from a Mātauranga Māori perspective.

The courses are especially useful if you’re planning to start your own business, or want to work in or with Māori or other Indigenous businesses or communities. One of the courses is a business project where you can explore a business topic of your interest, supervised by our experienced and supportive Māori staff.

All students in this minor will benefit from the AUT Business School’s dedicated, kaupapa-based study skills and pastoral care approach. The courses are all taught by academics of Māori descent, and are available to all students, not just to those of Māori descent.

Courses you take

Skills you will develop

The outcomes for graduates of the Bachelor of Business are outlined in the Graduate Profile below.

Graduate Profile

You can study Māori Indigenous Business as:

  • A minor in any bachelor’s degree at AUT
  • A Certificate in Business Studies, with a focus on Māori and Indigenous business

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